PhotoMesh PRO (Annual subscription)

PhotoMesh PRO (Annual subscription)

PhotoMesh PRO (Annual subscription)

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  Industry Leading 3D Models Take your UAV images further with Skyline’s newest... mehr
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Industry Leading 3D Models

Take your UAV images further with Skyline’s newest suite of 3D geospatial visualization tools and services. Create accurate, actionable 2D geo-referenced maps and 3D models from your images or videos with PhotoMesh UAV™ and view, edit, analyze, simulate and share your 3D scenes with TerraExplorer Plus™.

PhotoMesh automatically converts obliqueand nadir photographs tohigh-resolution, textured,3Dmesh models (3DML) and/or True-Orthophotos ( building lean).


Key Features:

  • Resolution < 3 cm gsd

  • 500 images per project (20MP camera)

  • Stunning 3DML output 

  • Edge detection/extraction for sharp/crisp images 

  • Color registration of mesh for more consistently vibrant images 

  • Incorporates LiDAR Data to render under vegetation

  • Ingests full motion video to create 3D Models 

  • Outputs both 3D models and True-Ortho 2D models 

  • Imports and exports to industry standard file formats to allow model enhancements. Also allows export of LAS Colorized Point Cloud, DSM and DTM

  • Includes TerraExplorer PRO,  a poweful tool for editing and analyzing geo-referenced projects from 3D terrain, 3D mesh, Lidar, BIM, raster and feature databases 

  • Contains PhotoMesh UAV for a single computer. It is possible to upgrade to a multi-computer version and run parallel processing 

  • Annual price

  • Outputs: 3DML, Orthophoto, DSM, LAS, OBJ, OSGB, 3D Tiles, SLPK

  • Unlimited GigaPixels (images)

  • Personal Support 



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