WEEE Take-Back Information

The following notes are intended for private households that use electrical and / or electronic devices. Please note these important instructions in the interest of environmentally sound disposal of old equipment and your own safety.


 1. Notes on the disposal of electrical and electronic devices and the meaning of the symbol according to WEEE

 From March 2014 retailers are obliged to take back WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and Waste Battery from members of the public free of charge. This EU directive ensures that all historic WEEE products are collected, treated and disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.

How do I know if my product is covered?

Look out for this symbol:


f the symbol shown here is found on any of your goods, it means that the product is covered by the WEEE Regulations.

 2. Notes on the possibilities of returning old devices

Owners of old appliances can hand them in as part of the possibilities of returning or collecting old equipment set up and made available by public waste disposal companies, in order to ensure the proper disposal of old equipment. Optionally, there is also a dispensing of electrical and electronic equipment for the purpose of reuse of the equipment possible. Further information can be obtained from the respective collection or return point. Please ask the administration of your local community for details about the closest collection point near you.

3. Privacy statement

On disposable old devices are sometimes sensitive personal data (such as on a PC or a smartphone), which may not get into the hands of third parties.

We expressly point out that end users of old equipment must take responsibility for the deletion of personal data on the waste equipment to be disposed of.


4. Note about our WEEE registration number

We are registered as a manufacturer of electrical and / or electronic equipment at the Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte Register, Benno-Strauß-Str. 1, 90763 Fürth/Germany under the following registration number (WEEE Reg. No. DE): DE 78138862