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The new H850-RTK is designed specifically with inspections, surveying, public safety... mehr
Produktinformationen "H850-RTK"

The new H850-RTK is designed specifically with inspections, surveying, public safety applications and fawn rescue in mind. 

Our hexacopter design offers more safety, power, efficiency, stability and capacity to carry heavier payloads.
Depending on the payload and weather conditions, flight times up to 65 minutes are possible. All H520E payloads are compatible with the H850-RTK.
This makes it easier for you to use our payloads on two different platforms: the H520E & the H850.

In addition to the performance and payload flexibility, great emphasis was placed on the H850 flight and data security when developing it.
Flight data belongs to you and to nobody else.

The H850 is equipped with a dual IMU, compass, barometer, dual RTK antennas and two smart batteries.
Even with only five motors running you are able to land the H850 safely.
You can install with one click the YCAP-certified Drone-Tag device for remote ID, which will become mandatory in Europe in 2023.

The H850 will be available for purchase from the first of August, 2022.

If you have any pre-sales questions or would like to schedule an online H850 application 
presentation, contact us through our dedicated phone number +49 (0) 4191 93 26 0.

Weight:  5800 gram, inclusive 2 flight batteries (w/o payload)
MTOW:  8800g
Max Payload Weight:  3000g
Diagonal Size:  850mm
Folded:  440×365×470 mm
Max Ascend Speed:  3 m/s
Max Descent Speed:  2.5 m/s
Max Horizontal Speed:  20 m/s
Max Flight Speed:  72 km/h
Max. Flight Ceiling (MSL):  5000m
Max Flight Time:  65 minutes (without payload) 
Battery 23,1volt:  2x Li-ion HV, 6S,12800mAh
Position System:  GPS, Glonass, Beidou&Galileo
Hovering Accuracy(Single):  Horizon:±0.5m
RTK(RMS) Accuracy:  1cm +1ppm(H); 1.5cm+1ppm(V)
Operating Temperature:  -20℃-50℃
-4° F -122° F
Payload Connector:  X-connector 
Compatible Payloads :  E20TVx, E90X, E30Zx, ETx, S42x, lidar, Spotlight and digital loudspeaker
Upward Gimbal:  Optional
Hot-swappable Batteries & Payloads:  Yes
IP:  x5
Collision Avoidance System:  Millimeter-wave Radar (optional)
Remote Controller:  T-One 
Connectivity Ports and Power Supply H850:  GMAC 1000Mb, USB-C, USB-3 5Gbps, Aux 3.5 mm, Micro-SD, 2x Power 5v+GND, 2x PWM,2x GPIO, 5v,12v&19,8-26,4v, for external devices with high power requirements.
Operating Frequency:  2.4000-2.4835GHz & 5.725-5.850GHz
Autopilot:  PX4 Based
Drone Remote Identification Device (EU):  LTE+Bluetooth, incl. app and U-space ready (optional module) 


  • RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) module for high accuracy relative positioning: 1cm +1ppm(H); 1.5cm+1ppm(V)
  • Dual RTK-antenna for high precision positioning. The dual antennas on the H850-RTK ensure that one antenna is always transmitting in the event that one becomes disabled
  • Keep cm precision in even GNSS challenging environment
  • Built for faster and more precise mapping (e.g. complex surveying, inspections, mapping, 3D displays)
  • 5 Hz update rate of position, velocity and time
  • All data including raw GNSS data and real-time solutions can be logged on board - ready for PPK (Post Processed Kinematics)
  • Support signals of up to four GNSS constellations among GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou
  • Compatible with all existing Yuneec H520E camera payloads

    T-One Controller
  • 7-inch touch screen
  • 1920x1200 screen resolution
  • 1000 nit luminance
  • 15 km range Fcc
  • 8 km range Ce
  • 8 hours of operation time
  • 10.000 mAh/7.4-volt battery
  • 40 Mbps dual-band
  • Dynamic Frequency hopping
  • IP x4
  • Cortex A72&A53 high-performance processor
  • Android 10
  • 32Gb ROM / 4 Gb RAM
  • HDMI
  • USB-C, USB-3 & USB-2
  • Micro SD
  • 1.2 kg only
  • No data sharing

Flight Batteries 

Size: 98×58×149mm
Battery Capacity: 12.800mAh
Battery Wattage: 295.68Wh
Standard Voltage: 23.1v (3.85v/cell)
Charging Voltage: 26.4v
Battery Type: Li-ion
Fast Charge: 1C (10 Amp)
Charging Time: 1,5 hours
Max Continuous Discharge Current: 64A
Maximum Discharge Current: 128A
Weight: 1390 gram
Operating Temperature: 0℃+45℃


With the H850 Power Charging Case, you are able to charge four H850 batteries and two T-one batteries simultaneously!
Thanks to the hard-case design you can store and transport the batteries safely.
The compact design makes it able to carry the power Charging Case easily. 

  •  3.5” Color LCD Display
  • 1140 watt (200v-250v)
  • 220/110 volt
  • Transport case
  • Easy to operate
  • Buzzer alarm
  • Compact (370×270×220mm)
  • Foam cover battery protection 

Box Content:

1x H850-RTK
2x Flight battery
1x T-one controller
1x T-one battery 
1x Transport case
1x Charger case
1x Repair tool kit
1x Quick start guide
1x Reference card 

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